Interview with LAY-FAR


Lay-Far je moskovský DJ, producent, a hlava labelu In-Beat-Ween Music. Alexander je hybnou silou soulful scény v Rusku a medzinárodnu pozornosť si získal ako zručný DJ a selektor spájajúci deep, Detroit aj soulful house, raritné disco kúsky aj funk do unikátneho mixu, ktorý poteší nielen vyberavé uši, ale aj parket!

Úlohy headlinera sa už zhostil na mnohých festivaloch od Londýna po Tokyo či Berlína až po Mallorcu a za mixom sa striedal s menami ako Motor City Drum Ensemble, Craig Smith, Karizma, Atjazz, Detroit Swindle, Jazzanova, DJ Food, DJ Krush, DJ Cam a mnohými ďalšími.


Do you still work for living - do you have a day to day job ? Or are you able to live on your music alone..?

Music is the only thing I do for a living, which makes me feel really happy and complete. Music is my sanctuary, music is my life, as they say )

What was your first and last record you bought ?

First one was probably Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise” Back in 1995-1996.
The latest one was…Peter Brown – Do You Wanna Get Funky With Me LP, I picked up in Osaka.

What was your best moment as DJ/Producer? Special release, great party, mindblowing crowd…

Hm…I think the creative life is full of these special moments…Being able to play in the places / festival you only read or heard about, or working with musicians you’ve always considered legends, and realizing they are inspired by your music. But most importantly is the ability to communicate with people from around the world via the medium of music and dance! It’s magic!

How is the scene different in various corners of Earth - you have just came back from your Japan tour - can you compare to Europe?

I think if we take the deep / soulful / crossover scene in the world – it’s very cosy and you get similar feelings pretty much everywhere you play. People are open, eager and enthusiastic. If we compare Europe and Japan one of the main differences I think is that the Japanese audience is not that afraid to show their feelings and emotions, being very supportive at the same time. Japanese are real fans! If they like how you play they will definitely come up to you after the gig and say it directly, not forgetting to take a V-sign photo with you!

What about your local scene? How did affect local crowd to your career?

It’s funny but the local scene was the last to show me real support. Only after I got it elsewhere, travelling the world, I started to see the change of attitudes locally, which is normal I guess. It’s the human psyche and its happening everywhere: UK / USA, Australia…So the phrase: “support your local artists” is relevant as ever.
As for the Russian electronic music scene I can say with great confidence and pride it’s booming now! So many great producers here, for example: OL, Boorane, Kito Jempere, Phil Gerus, Lapti, etc. top club nights and venues also! You should check it out. 

What kind of workflow do you prefer when doing music? are you the hands on analogue guy or you prefer working with mouse and computer screen?

I’m a bit of both worlds. I’m old-school enough not to feel at home with computers and enjoying the hands-on experience of hardware, but I’m using the editing and multitracking capabilities of my computer to the great extent as well. 

Can we see you at a festival near slovakia this summer, which summer location with yourself performing will you recommend?

I will be happy to see myself booked for that occasion! I’m plying at Vocal Booth Weekender this year in Spain so this one gonna be fun, I’m sure!

Did you hear about our slovak music scene? Is it your first time in slovakia?

Not yet but I will be “all ears” literally and metaphorically! That is my debut in Slovakia so I can’t wait!

Some of your current top5 records you carry in your bag.

- Ron Hardy – Welcome to the Club
- John Legend – Ordinary People (Kaytronik Reworks)
- Brenda Russell – Brenda Russell LP
- Kenny Lattimore – If I Lose My Woman (MAW Remixes)
- Son Of Scientist – The Burning EP

What you listen besides dance music. Some classic tips ?

Just music: Jazz / funk / soul / fusion / dub / post-punk / hip-hop / early jungle…. I’m happy enough to be able to play what I actually listen to at home as well. So no dissonance here ))





Interview with LAY-FAR