Popular night / Interview with Aroop Roy

Popular night @ Nova Cvernovka 29/03/ 2019

Aroop Roy - britský DJ, producent, hudobník a zakladateľ labelu Vive La Musique, ktorý spája elektronické okraje house a disco music s organickými zvukmi jazzu, funku spolu s rytmami z celého sveta. Jeho sety sú plné originality i štýlu a jeho produkcie su dlhodobo podporované DJ-mi pochádzajucími z rôznych scén a generácií. Aroop Roy prináša kvalitu, originalitu a univerzálne pôsobenie na tanečnom parkete a jeho produkcie sa pravidelne dostávajú do svetových chartov elektronickej hudby (Mixmag, DJ Mag, Juno).

Aroop vystúpil na 5 kontinentoch a vo viac ako 40 mestách a mal rezidencie v Londýne, Geneve či Tokyu. 29.marca sa prvýkrát ukáže aj na Slovensku na Popular Night v Nová Cvernovka.

“Vynikajúci producent”: Gilles Peterson
“Fantastický selektor”: House of Yes, New York
“Neodolateľná duša”: DJ Mag

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INTERVIEW with Aroop Roy

1. How long are you doing music ? 

Listening since the age of 0! Making music from 6/7 finding an old guitar.

 2. You dj at 5 continents, share with us some funny / not so funny stories. 

Once I played at an electronic folk music festival in a small Estonian town - I had to fly to Riga, Latvia and the local town journalist picked me up and drove me 3 hours through the countrside to get tot he gig! The tough stories always involve going to the airport straight after the gig!

3. How you compose your music or aproach editing, are you more on computer side of thing or prefer instruments ? Do you play any instrument ?

My roots are instruments - I had a few years violin lessons, but taught myself guitar, bass and keys and also sing. I've focussed more production for a while, but the last year getting back to my instruments again.

4. Your record brazil breakdown got 50eur plus price on dicogs, whats you opinion about high prices and “discogs sharks” ?

I think its the rules of the market. People should buy music based on the love of the sound. If you love a record and its super rare, then you may have to pay a bit more!

6. We would love to hear your thoughts about streaming services and low fees for artists. How is this affecting you as producer of vinyl releases. 

I haven't earned much from streaming, but it doesnt really affect vinyl sales as its a different target. Streaming can be a great way to promote a band - gigs etc..

7. You have nice collaboration with Michal Rafaj / Popular last year on well received record Tabala Mouv, will the collab continue?  Tell us your plans for yours new label Vive La Music ?

Tabala Mouv was very well received, including the music and the art We are both working on VLM-002 - which is some Congolese proto-house, coming in a few months!

8. favourite drink and food

I love food and drink from all over the world - thats one of my favourite parts of travelling. It is impossible to choose!

9. Are you on cat or dog side ( yeah it about pets) ? 

like both - dogs are usually  always your friend, but seem to need more attention. A cat is probably a good option for an artist as they provide company, but dont require 24 hour attention. 

get in touch with aroops music :

Mixmag Premier of Tabala Mouv - bit.ly/MixmagxTabalaMouv
Summer mix for Delicieuse Musique - http://bit.ly/ARSUMMER
Out now on Kampana 'Classics 3'  bit.ly/KMPN-003-INFO
Out now on Lazy Days 'My Home EP'  bit.ly/AROOPLZD
Out now on on Delusions of Grandeur  bit.ly/AROOP-DelusionsEP
Mix for WW Fest Leysin  bit.ly/WWFEST-AR-MIX